We are pleased to announce the workshop program of the first ART-NFT SUMMIT in Brussels

With the enthusiasm generated by the partners, the richness of the topics to be addressed and the participation of renowned experts, this program is developing and taking shape under high tension.


Book your workshop tickets online and try your luck at
win at the end of the workshop 
*POAP ART-NFT* to collect 
 (meaning * "Proof of Attendee Protocol" * )

* A brand new form of NFT (non-fungible token) that certifies the presence of a digital artwork on the blockchain. A POAP can be used to certify the ownership of a single work of art, by certifying it on the blockchain. 

POAPs can also be used to represent tickets to events, promotional offers or charity fundraisers. POAPs are often used to create a fun and interactive experience for collectors and art fans. 

ART-NFT POAP opens the doors of the gallery, access to one of these workshops, to its "networkDRINK", access to the Sculptura festival, and an ART NFT of this workshop to collect offering other advantages.

Experience a new form of workshop event with "NetworkDRINK" and receive your *PAOP ART-NFT* from the first BXL.ART-NFT SUMMIT to collect. We will explain to you how to improve your collection of *PAOP ART-NFT* from the first ART-NFT SUMMIT.

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