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Summer Meetup of Value-Added People

Meaningful & Impactful Projects

Augmented Collectibles ART+3 by Jean Boghossian

The reason why! What connects and drives each partner in the ART CAR Bentley Continental GT & GT3 by Jean Boghossian project.  Celebrate summer with the actors of value-added projects that make sense thanks to innovative and inclusive vision.

  • ARTonCARS.eu (Jean Boghossian + Bentley Brussels + the 3 pilots Stéphane, Nigel, Matthieu)
  • ADDED VALUE PROJECTS (Hanane Risayindi)
  • ARTeCOM.io WEB3 ECOSYSTEM (Vincent Parissis)
  • WALCHAIN (Harold Kinet)
  • CLUB 44 (Gilles Barbera)
  • The Gate (Charles Caprasse)
PAF 10€ /pers. 
  • 18h00 Welcome drink
  • 18h30-19h00 Warm-up round
  • 19h00-22h00 Networking
  • from 20h30 VIP PASS Social Token lottery

Date et heure
mercredi juillet 13, 2022
18:00 22:00 (Europe/Brussels)

The Gate Nivelles

Avenue Jean Monnet, 1
Nivelles 1400
--The Gate Nivelles--
+32 67 40 02 00
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+32 478 292 043

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