Experience Hybride & Inclusive ART-NFT NOIR ARTIST + HANDIPEOPLE

Hanane Risayindi and Vincent Parissis spoke about the project experience in a transparent way to build trust

A workshop testifying to "Hybrid and Inclusive" experiences, thanks to the positive, collaborative and co-creative energies of project leaders who (f)make sense

Theme: Inclusion as a driver for collaboration and co-creation for a noble cause: "Blurring the differences


Hanane Risayindi of the association https://handipeople.be/ explained the positive power of "His Own Love" which can take us to the infinite and beyond. This powerful theme particularly inspired
ART-NFT.GALLERY and NOIR ARTIST , who spontaneously organised themselves into networks and partnerships to support Hanane's cause through ART-NFT

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An innovative concept of "MYSTERY PAINTING", followed by a strategic sales campaign for the cause, an event and an exhibition, were imagined by Vincent Parissis, co-founder of the ART-NFT.GALLERY and organiser of the first ART-NFT SUMMIT, the summit of ART-NFT, WEB3 and BLOCKCHAIN experiences and solutions for artists, gallery owners, collectors and bearers of projects that make sense. Vincent explained to us without filter the lessons learned from such a very concrete experience.

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The unveiled work : "❤️ SELF LOVE 🔥"
there is still time to support the cause HANDIPEOPLE.BE by buying the last reproductions of the limited series, numbered, signed and certified by an NFT, available in the gallery. By investing 150€ ttc your heart will be lighter, you will live the experience of your (first) NFT that you will share with your community (your, friends, colleagues, family, clients, prospects...), thanks to the permanent exhibition HYBRIDE II in the​ META-GALLERY of NOIR ARTIST

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Opening evening of the META-GALERIES of our ART-NFT ARTISTS collection
During the BXL ART NFT SUMMIT - 09.02.23