From creation to property

NFT artists are (r)evolving the art market and putting themselves back in the game!

An NFT artist is an artist who uses non-fungible token technology (NFTs) to create and sell their digital artworks. NFTs allow artists to create unique and authenticated works that can be bought, sold and traded.

NFT artists use digital creation techniques such as 3D, AR, VR, xR, animations, modelling and photo manipulation to create their works. The works can also be created from computer code or generative programs, or can be based on images or photographs but also sculptures.

NFT artists can also use blockchain technology to ensure that their works are unique and authentic, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the work, transparency of ownership and the ability to track the movement of works over time.

An NFT artist can also use social networks to promote their work, create a community and organise auctions of their NFTs. They may also participate in exhibitions and events to promote their work and meet other art world professionals.
In short, an NFT artist is a contemporary artist who uses digital technologies to create and sell their unique and authenticated works of art, and uses online sales platforms and social networks to promote their work and sell their works.

3D Digital Twins & meta-gallerys of Daniel Fernandez Florez