Les Avatars du Patrimoine au Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de BXL

A workshop led by Géraldine Bueken, dedicated to the service of meaningful projects

Encouraging young people to become actors and ambassadors of heritage

The project LES AVATARS DU PATRIMOINE is an invitation to use new technologies to :

  1. To arouse the interest of young people in the unsung and forgotten heroes of history.
  2. Celebrate Matrimony and Patrimony
  3. Decolonise public space and thus facilitate its appropriation by all and for all.
  4. Encourage the emergence of multiple narratives about museum collections in an inclusive and participatory way.

On this occasion, ART-NFT.GALLERY invited WALLPEN GERMANY to demonstrate how to "rematerialise" NFTs in real life (IRL).

Rematerialize your ART-NFTs
Change your corporate interiors, meeting rooms and open-spaces... (re)make people want to work in the office - 18.02.23